Roasted Bell Pepper Sandwich/Salad.

It’s been one lazy month :). Sorry I haven’t been posting new recipes. I’ve been a bit busy with projects and I literally have no time to invent new dishes. but I’ve been cooking :)

All the dishes I’m going to post from today and up until I adjust to my new routine, are going to be easy, simple and suitable for any busy life.

Today is Sandwich/Salad day.

All you need is the following:

  1. Roasted Bell Peppers
  2. Roc Continue reading
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Grilled Fish Wrapped with Vine Leaves.

A Quick post.

I think my seafood phase is finally over. This is the last thing I tried out.

just like the grilled fish wrapped in banana leaf. vine leaves locks in the moisture and gives a really nice flavor. Very yummy :)

I know it looks weird and if you’re not the experimental type, don’t try it. but it’s really good :). You just need to unwrap the fish and eat the flesh :)


  1. Sardines is my number 1 choice. If you can’t find any fresh Sardines, try any other small fish.
  2. Lemon
  3. Pa Continue reading
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Grilled Fish Wrapped in Banana Leaf

Hello! I apologize for not posting anything in the past week. Got a bit busy with work, but I cooked several dished that I’m going to post this week, so stay tuned :)

Today’s dish was the MOST DELICOUS fish I’ve ever tasted. Pretty easy to make and it cooks very fast.

I’ll walk you through the pictures now.

You need the following:

  1. Red onion
  2. Red chili flakes
  3. Lemon zest
  4. Galangal roots or Ginger
  5. Lemon Juice
  6. Lemon Grass – chop the dry white tip and throw it. then cut about 10 cm.. this is the edible part.
  7. lemon leaves
  8. Salt and Pepper

Clean the fish properly (scales, gut and gills removed)

stuff the fish’s tummy with the mixture and place some on top with slices of onion and lemon. make sure you stuff the gills as well. I added lemon grass in the tummy for extra flavor Continue reading

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Grilled Salmon and Asparagus

I’ve been craving for this dish for almost two months now. I’m glad I made it today! It was FANTASTIC

first of all, you really don’t need any sauce with the salmon. I removed it once I took this picture.. it didn’t add anything but calories :) .. the salmon alone tastes phenomenal. And about the asparagus, the white asparagus is a lot sweeter than the green asparagus.. some may like it, but I love green asparagus’s taste, so I advice you to use green asparagus… I couldn’t find any green ones today :)

Here’s how you do it:


  1. Salmon fillet, leave the skin on. Make sure it has the same thickness. I removed the thinner part and grilled it separately. Every bit was cooked evenly, no raw or dry fish on my plate tonight :)
  2. Asparagus
  3. Salt and Pepper Continue reading
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Appetite For life.


First of all I’d like to thank  His&hers blog for posting about my city pages interview. Everything happened very fast and I completely forgot about posting it here :)

I seem to have substituted my appetite for cooking in general to cultured food and fermented milk products. In the past 2 weeks, I made cheeses, yogurts.. ate whole foods and pretty much lost interest in anything that’s processed, packed or canned. I’ve been making lots of salads lately and wild rice became my best friend.

I don’t know if it’s just a phase, but I’m liking it so far. I will be adding pictures of what I’m eating on a daily basis, even if it’s a simple salad or grilled fish or even a chocolate snack ;)

See you soon :)


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Kefir Bread




In the picture above: My first Long rise – no yeast bread :)

I’m cooking again. The flu is almost gone.

Here’s what I did:

After the first milk fermentation, I removed the kefir grains from the milk and left the milk on the counter for a whole day. I mixed 2 cups of kefir with 2 cups of flour and covered it with a damp towel for 2 days, mixing it once a day. On day 2, I took it out, mixed it with 1.5 cups of flour, 1 tsp of salt, 2/3 tbs of chili oil, 3 tbs olives, 1 tsp baking soda, 1 tbs sugar.

Once it’s fully incorporated and no longer liquidy (but not too dry either), I covered it again with a damp towel and left it to rest and rise for about an hour.

One hour later, cut the dough in half (mine was 2/3 and 1/3) and shape the dough to make a bread loaf. Put them on a well oiled tray or loaf tin and leave the dough to rest for 4-5 hours in a warm place. It will double in size.

Once its doubled in size, bake them for 30 minutes (175 C or 350 F).

The result was a hard crust loaf with soft fluffy insides.. DELICIOUS!


Original Source


Bon Appetit!


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Kefir Grains – خلايا كيفر

I got kefir grains. It’s a type of live organism that ferments milk and transforms it into a laban or thin yogurt consistency. Been using it for 3 days now.. it’s actually pretty easy to make and has lots of health benefits like lowering cholesterol, fixing digestive system, fixing damaged tissues and many other benefits that I do not recall at the moment.

I don’t know if it’s sold in Kuwait, all I know is that it multiplies really fast if taken care of properly, and it feeds on milk. sounds gross doesn’t it ;) .. but it’s pretty cool! if you’re a yogurt lover, you’d definitely LOVE these.

That’s how the grains look like.. Took this picture when I strained my second kefir batch. when rinsed, they look like cauliflower…

Let’s just hope I don’t mess up :) I’m following all the instructions I got from the person who gave it to me and from online kefir communities. wish me luck!

will post another update in 2 weeks.

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