My obsession with eggs continues!

I love eggs… A LOT to the point that I manage to find the weirdest egg devices in Kuwait :p if it’s out there, I’m going to find them and try them out!

I loved my little poached eggs pouchies ( post here ) but they take time and I’m not patient enough to wait for my eggs to be ready to eat most of the time.

So for the days I don’t feel like waiting ( like tonight for example) I go with this thing:

20120611-021701 AM.jpg

All you need to do is crack open your eggs and place them inside this cup, close and microwave! How easy is that! :D

The result depends on how long you microwave your eggs. 30 secs gives you runny egg yolks, 40 secs gives you semi runny yolks, 50 gives you well cooked eggs.

I prefer going with 30 seconds but I tried 35 seconds this time and I got this result:

20120611-022639 AM.jpg

It’s super easy and fun to use. Even kids can use them if they know how to operate a microwave :)

I got mine from Lulu Hypermarket a while ago and I’ve been using it ever since :)

Bon appetite!

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Candied Orange Peel: @pick_yo’s New Summer Flavor

20120404-033933 PM.jpg


A while back I was invited to taste the most amazing and refreshing flavor ever at Pick Yo. It was candied orange peel and It’s the best frozen yogurt flavor i’ve ever tried!

You can have it as topping or blended with the yogurt. My favorite is blended with the yogurt, then added on top as topping. Drizzle a tiny bit of hazelnut chocolate syrup and top it with chocolate flakes. Just simply ahhhmazing! The combination reminds me of macintosh’s quality street and takes me back to childhood :) but it’s also great by itself as well with no toppings at all.

20120404-034920 PM.jpg


If you are a fan of candied orange, then you’ll LOVE IT like I did.

The flavor can be found at both stores now (Kefan and Kuwait city) and is also available for delivery: #22913333

While you’re at it, try out their pistachio flavor too :)



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White Tea – Asian Plum Flavor.





I was at the grocery store doing some tea shopping when I came across this brand. I haven’t tried them before but they had a really cool collection of teas. 1 for happy moods, green tea, 1 for harmony of the body and soul and many other teas with different names and features. This tea has caught my attention because I’ve never tasted a white tea I liked other than the 3D cold revolution white tea. They used to sell it at TSC and I don’t think its still available.

I thought I’d give it a shot after @thedietninja gave me his blessings.

First of all let me just saw that the aroma alone is enough to put me in a happy trance :). It smells better than it tasted but I’m telling you, I had 2 cups today and they were magnificent!

Thought I’d share it with you :)
I got mine from south surra, alzahraa co op. They have a wide collection of teas.






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