Foil Baked Fish

Love. PURE LOVE <3

If you love fish as much as I do, you’d appreciate the simplicity of this dish. My god I can’t believe how tasty it was. Got my fillets from our fish stand at the co-op. Aldanah frozen fillets, the pack has 3 fillets. let them thaw in the fridge for a whole day, draining excess water every now and then.

today at 6:20 I decided to start baking, so I preheated the oven (175 degrees) and started assembling the dish.


  1. 1 Lemon
  2. Spring onion
  3. 3 Sun dried tomatoes for each Continue reading
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Crab Egg Roll with Dipping Sauces.





Some say egg rolls, some say spring rolls. Based on research, rice based sheets are called spring rolls and the flour based sheets that I’m using for this recipe are called egg rolls. I used Americana’s spring roll sheets… it’s flour based so I’m confused heh..  let’s just say it’s a roll and leave it at that :)

OK, let’s start!

those egg rolls are sauteed with less than 1 tbs of olive oil and the rest of the ingredients are fat free, then its brushed with olive oil and baked in the oven until it’s crispy and delicious. To retain some of the moisture, we are serving them with two different types of sauces.



  1. 12 Crab sticks
  2. 1 TBS light mayo (optional, its 10 calories per tbs and doesn’t contain any trans fat)
  3. 2-3 TBS fat free yogurt
  4. Crushed garlic Continue reading
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Shrimp Pasta with sundried tomato cream sauce.

I’m a seafood person. Not knowing what a certain seafood dish tastes like would definitely haunt me forever.. I was given surimi products as an inspirational ingredient for my next dishes.. crab sticks, surimi shrimps and surimi lobster tails. This is trial #1 with the surimi shrimps.. They don’t quiet taste like

shrimps but they’re delicious :)


  1. Tagliatelle Pasta
  2. Shrimps
  3. 1 tbs butter
  4. Olive oil (or use the sundried tomato oil)
  5. 1 big white onion
  6. Garlic
  7. 2 cans of cream Continue reading
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Smoked Salmon Pizza


I have a pound of Mascarpone cheese laying around in the fridge. Whenever I have an ingredient that’s as versatile as Mascarpone cheese, I will never stop thinking about it until I consume it all with cooking :), so I thought of many recipes, and this pizza is one of them.




I do not mind eating it all day, everyday.. so delicious, and feels so right.

there is a new pizza place that’s opening soon in Kuwait, so I thought this would be a great reason so try out their amazing brick oven that they built specially for this new brand.. I’m in love <3

this pizza is pretty simple to make, and very delicious!




  1. Pizza Crust (I made my own, from one of the cook books I have, but I prefer Jamie Oliver’s recipe. however, you can always use a ready made crust)
  2. Tomato Sauce (you can either use bottled sauces or saute onions, garlic with olive oil and add oregano, salt, pepper, and tomato puree and let it simmer for like half an hour)
  3. Rocca (Rocket).
  4. Smoked Salmon.
  5. Mascarpone Cheese. 
  6. olive oil
  7. lemon



  1. pour a good amount of tomato sauce on the crust, the easiest way is to pour a spoon full in the middle and swirl your way to the edges.
  2. place it in the oven until the crust is fully baked
  3. take it out and add a spoon full of mascarpone cheese on it and spread it around, you’ll have a pink sauce all over.
  4. scatter Rocca leaves and shredded smoked salmon on top then drizzle some olive oil and a squeeze of lemon.


if you’re a smoked salmon lover, you’ll adore this recipe like I did.




Bon Appetit!


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Quick Shrimp Wrap



I had shrimps and tortilla wraps in the freezer, sour cream that’s about to expire, enchilada sauce and veggies in the fridge.

so I made shrimp wraps for lunch :)


  1. Boiled shrimps
  2. sour cream
  3. enchilada sauce or tomato sauce with extra cayenne pepper, curry powder and cumin.
  4. maggie cube (optional)
  5. shredded cabbage
  6. onions
  7. garlic.
  8. for the veggies: spring onions, rocca, lettuce and cucumbers (with any homemade dressing)



  1. take the tortilla wraps for the freezer and set it aside to defrost.
  2. in a pot, saute` the onions, garlic and cabbage together, once they whither a bit, add the maggie cube.
  3. toss in the shrimps and keep mixing.
  4. add either tomatoes sauce or enchilada sauce to the mix for extra moisture; for every 500 grams of shrimps, 5 table spoons of sauce is enough.
  5. take it off the heat and mix in with sour cream. just enough to make it creamy.


let your guests or family assemble their own wraps. you only need 3 plates; shrimp mixture, veggies and tortilla.



Bon Appetit!


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Seafood Chowder – Comfort food



There is nothing like a “sepia” weather that calls for creativity in the kitchen! Today’s dish is Seafood Chowder. no wait.. its a lower in fat, healthier version of the seafood chowder. wouldn’t want to mess up my calorie intake :)





  1. 500 grams of any type of seafood variety you like. its best cooked with shell fish and prawns and if you’re lazy, just take a bag of frozen mixed seafood and throw it in :)
  2. 1 cup of water
  3. 2 cups of .. yes skimmed milk. + 1-2 table spoons of cornstarch (but if you want the tasier version, use 1 cup of cream and one cup of full fat milk)
  4. one big potato cut into small cubes, but if you’re lazy like me today, make them bigger.
  5. 1 medium onion (lazem white, I didn’t use white, that’s why its darker than it should)
  6. 2 table spoons of oil (1  TBS olive oil, 1 vegetable oil)
  7. 1 TBS all purpose flour
  8. 1-2 maggie’s veggie cubes (for extra oomph)
  9. salt



  1. in a medium sized pot, saute` the onions until they’re soft. don’t let them reach the golden brown phase.
  2. add in the potatoes and mix them well with the onions then add the flour. keep mixing (the proper way is to make a roax which is a mixture of butter and flour to act like a thickenning agent but yeah, I’m lazy and it doesn’t make any difference in this dish.. its supposed to be easy and done in one pot)
  3. add one cup of water (or 2 if you like it liquidy like I do) and let it simmer for about 10-15 minutes or until potatos are soft.
  4. add the seafood mixture and the milk and let it heat up. mix it well to let the milk absorb all the flavors.
  5. if you find it too watery, mix 1-2 TBS of cornstarch with a bit of water then drop it in.


How to serve:

  1. you can serve it as is
  2. add chopped spring onions with each serving for more flavor
  3. or as is, like I said! ;)


Serve it hot.


Bon Appetit!


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