Glutinous Black Rice

20120522-080417 AM.jpg

Glutinous black rice is great for puddings. It’s loaded with antioxidants, fiber, Vitamin E and B and also known to reduce inflammation.

I’m going to rinse and soak it for around 6 hours, then cook it till it’s soft and gooey, then I’ll be making homemade coconut milk which I’ll mix with the rice and sweeten it with alphonso mango since it’s in season now :)

Wish me luck! I’ll update you with results as soon as I’m done with it.

To make homemade coconut milk you only need shredded fresh coconut and water :) soak the coconut with water and use a cloth to strain the milk. That’s it! Geant can shred the coconut for you if you don’t feel like it.


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