Tea Leaf Shop at Tala Center

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I’m in love with my new tea set from Tea Leaf shop at Tala Center. Apart from their absolutely adorable tea sets, they have an amazing tea collection! Everything is wonderful and I tried almost everything they have. You can’t find anything fresher than the teas they’re selling!

Found the place by coincidence, went inside and was greeted by the wonderful ladies and they introduced me to the authentic way of having tea and I just fell in LOVE

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That’s their green tea that I got for myself. They also have matcha green tea which I adore.

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That’s their tea station. Just LOVED IT. You have to go there and try it :)

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I also tried rice tea! Tastes fresh and nutty and it’s a lot different than anything I ever tried. Loved it as well!

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That’s some of the organic products they have. I loved the soy nuggets which is a meat replacement and I also got quinoa for mom. She loves them.

They also have green tea based beauty products that you must try. Their hand cream gets absorbed quickly and doesn’t leave any residue which is exactly what I was looking for :)

I’m going there again this week to get their white tea and more green tea.

Tea Leaf is Located at Tala center in salmiya, next to layla gallery.

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