Abu Dhabi Trip.

I’m back!

The trip was nice. Been socializing and learning from my peers and mentors…  Social Media is a fascinating field :)


Let’s get to the fun part.

I had a list of restaurants to go to but I only managed to go to 3 which is pretty good given that the conference finishes at 5 pm and I sleep at 9 pm :)

The list:

  1. Mezzaluna @ The Emirates Palace
  2. Frankie’s @ Fairmont
  3. Prego @ Beach Rottana Hotel
  4. Certo @ Souq Qaryat Al Berri
  5. Finz @ Beach Rottana hotel
  6. Vacso’s @ Hilton’s Beach Club

I’ll leave you with pictures:

1. Vacso’s

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Off to Abu Dhabi



Good morning! 

I’m going for a short business trip today. Will be back on thursday afternoon.


Things I have in mind:

  1. Visit as many restaurants as I can.
  2. Look for new Cook books, branding and social media books.
  3. Get inspired :)


When I’m back, I will try to mimic all the dishes I liked, and I will be doing a lot of cooking since I have a list of dishes that I feel the need to explore.

Expect to see more restaurant reviews as well :)




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Food you don’t want to miss in London.


Ask Restaurant. South Kensington st.


I don’t mind traveling back to UK just to eat this pizza again. it has just the right amount of cheese and tomato sauce. Topped with 4 different types of filfil =). roasted bell peppers, crushed chili peppers, fresh red chili peppers and something blended with the tomato sauce.. I think it was Tabasco but I’m not sure.. if you love spicy food, give it a shot :)


Strada Restaurant. Kensington High St.

I went into a seafood coma right there. voices started to fade out, and I couldn’t smell anything other than the sweet aroma of this dish. and I unconsciously did my “I’m happily stuffed” dance. the only think that was left from this fish was the head and bones.. just like what you see in cartoons heh.  YES it was that good!

It’s a poached trout, belly nicely cleaned and stuffed with rosemary and onions. drenched in butter, parsley and infused with the flavor of those gorgious olives. the only thing I would change is the boiled tomato slices. if I’m ever going to make this dish, I’d substitute them with oven roasted tomatoes. YUM!

My friends ordered pizzas. were amazing as well.. Thin crispy crust and very fresh ingredients. Their garlic bread was to die for.. didn’t even have the time to take a picture <3


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