I am known for being blunt. Do not invite me to try out your food if you don’t want me to be brutally honest about it to you. I’d rather tell you what’s wrong in your dishes to fix it rather than write a bogus review in my blog.


I usually get invited not as a blogger, but as a foodie to try out and test new dishes and fix them. When it comes to food, I know what I’m doing and I’m not trying to be arrogant or something but every person has their own sets of strengths and weaknesses. I’m good at food tasting and cooking and I suck at baking… like big time. I’m good at marketing but suck at finance.. I can’t even add numbers unless they’re calories and ingredients.


anyways, back to the subject:


I’m sick and tired of going to places and trying out tasteless food; Dishes that taste like cardboard and drinks that are sugar loaded. 

PLEASE please please, if you’re not a cook/chef yourself, please invest in real chefs. If you can’t tell what’s wrong with your own restaurant dishes, do not expect your staff to keep up with quality of food.


I remember the first art project I had at school (I graduated as a designer btw). I went to the head of the department and gave him my first design and told him the following:

I know you gave me an A, but there’s something wrong in the layout, I can sense it but I’m not quiet sure what’s wrong, and he told me that this is a good sign; knowing that there’s something that’s not quiet right with it is the first step. and I graduated at the top of my class because I pursued perfection although I wasn’t able to achieve it, but the pursuit itself sets a standard you know? it’s what makes you different than any other restaurant.


The same thing is with dishes, menus and restaurant owners… seriously people! there’s nothing wrong with learning your trade. Unless your goal is to fail miserably, I suggest you learn it fast and train your taste buds to breakdown dishes to their main ingredients as well as know how to perfectly cook the dishes you serve which is only the beginning! (ever thought how you’d handle introducing new dishes?). know your business, know the line of food you’re serving and know how to maintain quality. it’s not hard, it just takes time. and while you’re learning, invest in a really good chef and a quality assurance person that can at least maintain whatever it is you’re serving. That’s what us customers care about.


why am I mad? because! they just don’t get it!

food business isn’t for everyone. believe me, it’s TOUGH.  mo 7ayallah a7ad eyee eba6ela restaurant and expects it to succeed because “food looks good”, no. you may get a lot of people at first, but I can assure you that people will not be coming back unless you; the owner take responsibility of creating the perfect meal experience for each and every customer you get. and you can’t do this if you know zilch about food.


again, why am I mad? well, imagine this: You’re going out with friends, you go to a restaurant because you’re craving eggs Benedict, the dish arrives, it looks AMAZING.. everything is great but then you take a bite and you wish you never ever went there. the hollandaise sauce tastes nothing like it should be, the bread is soggy because the chef didn’t try to properly drain the egg and the spinach tastes like it’s just been thawed and microwaved. wai333333333!!


why am I mad? because you go to a restaurant serving italian food, and you find nothing italian about it. cooking pasta and tossing it in with sauce doesn’t make it italian. it’s like “tag mtagag” the restaurant version. aah the frustration!


why am I mad? because I expect meals to be perfect. I expect ingredient to be fresh. I expect explosion of flavors in each bite! ya3ni asaweeli toast o jeben at home abrakli.


why am I mad? because I hate it when people invest in interior design and what plates to use and forget all about food. I’m not gonna eat your wall paintings, I’m here for the food experience which is elevated by having the perfect atmosphere.


This is a plea for restaurant owners to provide us with better experiences. pretty please. Listen to your customers please.


the market isn’t that bad, I know. we have a lot of excellent places to go to and have a wonderful food experience. to name a few: slider station, OFK, pizzetta, solo pizza..


bas sij. seriously.. I’m sure as a customer you’ve been there... going to a restaurant and ordering a dish you’re craving, only to find out that it’s not done properly and tastes nothing like it should be. I know I’m not the only one… we all have little foodies inside of us that pursue the perfect meal.


have you ever been there? tell me about your experience. it’s frustrating I know..

What’s your best food experience in Kuwait?




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experimenting with bread.


so I wanted to make a loaf of sweet white bread today.

screwed up with the ingredients. instead of using 1.5 “TBS” I used 1.5 “teaspoon” of yeast. the amount wasn’t sufficient for the dough to rise. so I made some changes :), lets just hope it would be a success. I want to post the recipe tomorrow. if it doesn’t work, i’ll have another trial at 5 am.

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